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However big your business is, you need to have the right marketing strategy to ensure that you succeed. We offer a full consultancy service that gets the most out of your existing resources as well as giving you options for growth.

In a world saturated with specialist agencies, we help you sort the wheat from the chaff. We help you develop, focus and refine your marketing strategy.

We help you to plan the best tactics, tools, channels and suppliers to reach your customers more profitably.

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Msgworks was founded in 2015 by Mike Williams, who has over 20 years of marketing experience in both large corporates and award-winning startups. Mike holds an MBA from Teesside University and has huge expertise in both digital and traditional marketing channels.

Some career highlights:

Mike was co-founder of Sound Training for Reading, a highly innovative and fast growing Teesside based educational supplier. Mike put in place marketing campaigns and business strategies that allowed the company to work with over 300 schools, reach a seven-figure turnover and win the 2012  Tees Valley Best New Business Awards.

Prior to his move to the North East, Mike was Senior Marketing Manager for Scholastic UK’s education division, marketing a large product portfolio to UK and international schools and helping the company transition from a purely print based publisher to a provider of online educational solutions.

Now based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Mike is passionate about helping businesses in the North East grow and succeed.

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Some of our clients:

“Companies will spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars teaching people ‘how to sell,’ and not one minute on ‘why they buy.’
And ‘why they buy’ is all that matters.”

~ Jeffrey Gitomer

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